Verb: The act of walking around without footwear, especially when outdoors or in public. Going barefoot.
It is painful to be kurting on a hot day.

"Did you lose your shoes?" "Nah, I'm just kurting it."
by Jon Wittershins May 28, 2020
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Kurt is a man who will always be by your side. He’s usually known for being very attractive with a killer bod. Lots of girls fall for him, but he has his Type. He knows what he wants. He loves to examine people especially girls, but once he finds the one he can’t crack he’ll fall in love. He will examine you up and down to see if your a good person and that your not fake. once he decides he likes ya he will stand up for you and hang out with you whenever you need.He will be loyal to you forever unless you break his heart. He has a lot of hoes but he’s not rude about it or a dick about it. If your one of his girl best friends, he’s the best guy to talk to and he will always be there when you need to rant. He gives the best advice. And He cares about all of his friends. He will always make you feel special and he is that “big brother” that will always be by your side!! His friends may be assholes but he’s different once you get to know him you’ll realize that. If you have a Kurt in your life don’t loose him!! He’s important
Annoying white b***es: “omg Kurt is so hot oooof man I want him why doesn’t he like us!!”
Kurts girl bsf Olivia: “ hey Kurt!!! ”
Kurt: “Holaaa how u doing girlie ;))”
Olivia: “I’m doing great how are your workouts?!”
Kurt: “they are going amazing thanks for asking :) how are you *cough* *cough* that guy”
Olivia: “I’ll tell you the tea later!!”
by Rosane March 28, 2020
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Usually gets hurt but smiles the most.
"Kurt loves her that's why he gave up on her, for she'll not get hurt"
by yni~ February 16, 2018
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The definition of a best friend. Would do anything for a friend and would stand by them through anything. Also a big lover of music. Used music to cope with things and to help friends through hard times. Also has one killer sense of style. Always knows what to say. He's also very unique in himself. He's not like most other guys you meet but once you get to know him you wouldn't want to to trade him for anything. He's really an amazing human being a true gift from god. Anyone should be so great ful to have a Kurt in their life.
Rachel: OMG, I am so blessed to have Kurt as my best friend. He's always got my back through thick and thin. We've really found a keeper.
Blaine: I know. He's honestly the strongest most inspirational man I've ever met in my life. Honestly I love him so much and wouldn't trade him for the world.
Rachel: yeah, he's definitely a true gift from god and I'm forever thankful.
by Foreverthankful July 26, 2017
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Someone:Whose kurt
You:He's my elbino nigga
by Elbinohomies May 20, 2020
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kurte another word for cute if you want to be funny then just say ´That anit kurte ummhmmm no it anit´.Or if something is not cute say cute
Look at her hair that anit kurte
by Ackadonkey January 29, 2020
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The act of shamelessly asking for or taking things you didn't work for. Mostly marijuana, cigarettes, and money. Bonus points if you never call what you want by it's real name
Come home and all your weed gone. Damn it son I just got Kurted.

See that cat asking for squares outside the club? I almost got Kurted.

"Yo man gimme one them Marlboro browns!" Nah my man, don't feel like getting Kurted today.
by Kurtillac killa May 28, 2018
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