The female version of your man. Usually used to point out some you haven't bothered/don't know the name of.
Check out your one over there hanging with your man

Djya see the state of your one

by Jimbo_oc September 14, 2007
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By Yourself (On your own)
Your going to be on your one's today!
by Isaac Ingram May 10, 2006
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On your ones. To be by yourself when no ones around
"don't make me catch you slipping on your ones.

"If I catch you lacking on your ones your catching it"
by Not your average Toronto shord December 12, 2017
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A saying used to end a conversation or argument because one side no longer cares. This metaphor derived from strippers desperately fighting over meaningless $1 bills.
Friend: Bro I told you I called shotgun to sit in the front seat man!

Me: You really didn't, but to be honest I don't really care bro. It's whatever to me, keep your ones...
by bignoodle September 19, 2014
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True definition for the words above is when you love someone so much and your loyal and devoted to them to the point where no other human being or creature is attractive or appealing in any other way than a best friend or a minor social friend and no adjectives or words are used to describe any other creature or being as attractive or appealing in any way,shape or form.
I love him/her so much that no other man or woman alive will ever have the luxury of being appealing or attractive in any way at all.Forever Mine <3 Loyalty and Devotion to your one love.
by Sickzilla March 22, 2012
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Put up your best effort and enegry into something, usally coming with great results
Damn bitch... you did your big one on this nail set!
by grah grah August 23, 2023
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