acronym for "fuck you later". Like ttyl (talk to you later), but used by FWBs (friends with benefits) and other people in highly sexual relationships.
ok, gotta run
yeah, looking forward to that!
ful too ;-)
Added to the end of a word it simply means "a great amount of" or "very". Normally used by teenage girls to sound cuteful.
Very annoyed becomes ANNOYFUL
A load of shit would be SHITFUL
by James Knightsbridge September 26, 2005
ful is the swedish word for Hot. Recomended to be used when picking up girls in sweden
Hey gurl, i think you are really ful, can i get your number?
by Why Would i Tell You, Creep November 7, 2015
ful is a warez group called FULRiPP.
Hey, FULRiPP just released that new game, that's so cool :)
by Hoho May 16, 2004
FUL: Fuck You La - Used in abundance by Cantonese speaking individuals to show disbelief, disapproval or to project annoyance to the receiving subject.
FUL you liar!
by Balldogz August 29, 2009