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The definition of a best friend. Would do anything for a friend and would stand by them through anything. Also a big lover of music. Used music to cope with things and to help friends through hard times. Also has one killer sense of style. Always knows what to say. He's also very unique in himself. He's not like most other guys you meet but once you get to know him you wouldn't want to to trade him for anything. He's really an amazing human being a true gift from god. Anyone should be so great ful to have a Kurt in their life.
Rachel: OMG, I am so blessed to have Kurt as my best friend. He's always got my back through thick and thin. We've really found a keeper.
Blaine: I know. He's honestly the strongest most inspirational man I've ever met in my life. Honestly I love him so much and wouldn't trade him for the world.
Rachel: yeah, he's definitely a true gift from god and I'm forever thankful.
by Foreverthankful July 25, 2017

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