Often pronounced "mahr-broh".

Marlboro is a cigarette brand, perhaps the most famous of all those cig brands out there, like Newport, Camel, Pall Mall, Winston, and all those other millions of brands.

Marlboro comes in red (normal tobacco), blue (mentholated), white (not as strong as marb red), and their new No.27 (which tastes a lot like marb red).
"Marb reds taste good. ^_^ I don't really smoke much though. I'm more of a social smoker. When I'm on free days like weekends or vacations away from my school, I don't smoke."
by Dave March 26, 2004
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A town in New Jersey where people think they are so cool. All of the people are either asians, or obnoxious rich kids who drink and smoke because they think they are older than they really are. Obnoxious girls jump in people's faces screaming "LLAMMASS!", and they drink and hang out with older people who take advantage of them. The guys think they are the best and think they are so hot because they are on a basketball team which isn't hard to make. They go around asking people to hook up because they think they are hot, but usually only one girl who is desperate says yes. They are actually really immature and need to grow up. Girls with boyfriends flirt with other boys, and the guys do the same.

a town with backstabbing bitches who put tons of makeup on and make out with boys starting at the age of 10
I'm gonna go get drunk even though I am only in seventh grade! HEHE , GO MARLBORO



by DaTruthHurts_Doesn't It? February 2, 2011
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A materialistic town in New Jersey where clothes matter more than the person wearing them. Everyone is stereotypical and doesn't bother getting to know anyone if their clothes aren't from Abercrombie, Hollister, American Eagle, etc. etc. Wear anything black and you're immediately classified as emo or goth until college. Cliques are common, too. The bottom line: Wear nice clothes, don't say anything stupid, and you'll be fine.
The people in Marlboro are really annoying.
by ---D! August 11, 2008
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A town In Jersey where MOST of the kids are spoiled rotten. Everyone is rich and lives in a mansion here. Drama is infested here because no one is happy with their lives so they mess someone elses up. In this town kids are wannabees and think theyre cool if they have the new Juicy bag. MATERIAL is a girls bestfriend here. The guys are all jerks. Most girls are skanks PULL YOUR PANTS UP OR YOUR SHIRT DOWN. Pot grows on trees, you can find it pretty much anywhere. The cops are like at every corner and give you tickets for anything. The Freehold Mall is where themmm gangsters be at oh i meann those rich jewish boys who WANT TO BE GANGSTER *go to Trenton and do this lets see if you get beat up * WHERE CHELSEA ROTH & HER NINE GROUP THINK THEY OWN THE PLACE. well guess what girliess yahh dont its NOT YOUR TOWN!
Amanda Vanderstar: hey chelss lets ask daddy to take up to florida in are jets and while were at it lets start drama by making fun of the kids who dont have as much money as us in Marlboro
by Jessicabitchy November 15, 2009
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A town in New Jersey that's filled with rich, snobs who only care about themselves. Almost all the girls are sluts (seriously, pull up your shirts, I don't wanna see your boobs), and all they care about is their clothing and how rich they are. If you aren't rich or like the same things or shop at the same places, you're labeled a dumb, stupid weirdo. They could care less about you, are never true friends, and try to exclude people to purposely ruin their life, and then admit to wanting to ruin people's lives. The guys are asses who all wear Ed Hardy and act like they're so awesome, and think they never have to do anything and that they're the shit. Everyone lives in mansions and only cares about their money. Don't go there, 'cause all it is is a stink hole filled with rich snobs who only care about money, do drugs, get drunk, and have boyfriends, all starting in 5th grade.
Example 1:
Rich snob girl: OMG, look at her. She's not wearing Abercrombie, or Forever21, or Hollister. What a loser. She's not coming with us to get drunk and get high.

Example 2:
Rich Guido Jackass Guy: Wow, what a loser. That guy over there isn't wearing Ed Hardy, and he doesn't want to frickin get stoned or go out.

Example 3:

Girl 1: Hey, I'm moving to Marlboro! I'm so sad!

Girl 2: Noo! You can't move there! It's filled with rich asses who only care about themselves!
by bunnyrose111 March 31, 2011
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whoa kyle smokes TONS of cigs dued!
by Kyle April 18, 2003
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The only cigarette worth the $8.00 a pack we pay anyways.
Man (real man): Let me Get a pack of Reds.
Clerk: a pack of what?
Man: Reds, Marlboro Reds
Clerk: Do you Want Special Blends?
Man: No! It's Just not the same.
by A really big Fan( and addict). October 17, 2011
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