a to be verb meaning its kinda like it is but it ain't. people mistake it for the word ain't although they mean different things.
"Yo this is anit good weed." This means that it is good weed but it ain't in the sense that its darker than most bud or it smells different but it gets you pretty high.
by Dan siebels October 16, 2017
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To be dominated by a female. To conform to a girl's standards and make any and all sacrifices.
Dude, you're so anitted. You need to be able to look at porn like any other man, whether your girlfriend likes it or not.
by Burly Brost November 20, 2006
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A person you can always rely on. That person who'll always make the darkest days bright and turn almost anything into a joke.
Has a contagious laugh and glittering eyes. Pretty inside out.
Don't loose an Anit
by Happygoluckygohappy November 24, 2021
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Another word for Dr. Pepper. Which ironically has some of the same ingredients as real antifreeze.
by StingyZ July 22, 2006
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Anit got the legs, is a great way to tell someone you are tired and cannot leave the house due having low energy levels.

This is particularly handy for someone who doesn't accept a no for an answer.
Sandhu: What cracker lacking? Fancy playing football today?

Bullbesh: Nah sorry lad, I anit got The legs today!
by BizzleLop June 13, 2011
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A day where you recognize a person that your not dating but is having sexual relations with. Taken place on October 5th
Girl1: Wassup wit you and CJ
Girl2: Girl fuck him but imma still post him for “National We Anit Together But We Fucking” day
by REALHOTGIRLSHII October 3, 2019
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