A rear-engine, rear-wheel drive layout(RR) van produced by automotive company Volkswagen from the years 1950 through to 1979. They came in many different forms (T1a being the first model and T2c being the last) ranging from 2 seater "walk-through" panel vans to 9 seater passenger vehicles. The name kombi comes from the German word "Kombinationskraftwagen" (combination vehicle), i.e. both a passenger and a cargo vehicle combined) as the rear seats could be removed or added. The earlier models had a small, upright, air-cooled engine being notoriously unreliable whilst the later models adopted a larger horizontally opposed, air cooled engine which is well known to be easy to fix and hard to break. They are generally slow to accelerate as the focus in development was not on power, but on low-end torque which has tainted the vehicle with a "slow" image. This usually leads to idiots almost killing themselves in horrible accidents whilst trying to get in front of you even though you're doing twice the speed limit yourself (slow to accelerate but a properly rebuilt T2b engine can push 170km/h). Although synonymous with weed smoking hippies many of these vehicles are bought and restored by regular people for work, camping or to be customized with sound systems, air suspension, DVD players, LCD TVs, Gaming consoles, fold out beds due to the large cabin space and relatively easy wiring diagram.
I drive a Volkswagen kombi and I don't smoke weed or give a shit about the environment.

Did you see that kombi? It had a PS3 and 6 sub-woofers in it... It's still slow as hell though.
by thegoron April 20, 2009
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'Kombi-vans' made by VW, are driven by weed-smoking hippie's. The back is bigger enough to hold drug taking orgy's and they are often used for roadtrips.
Many hippys paint flower's and other such pattern's on the side.
One of the greatest cars/vans of all-time.
"Let's take the Kombi up the coast surfing for a few weeks. We'll get some drugs and some 'groupies' and hit it up."
by Diego August 21, 2003
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Kombi is a german slang word mostly used by young people (but also older ones that are into illegal drugs), that describes the dealer giving the customer the drugs in advance and allowing him to pay later on.

The terms roots originally go all the way back to another one called ''Kommi'' (in short for ''auf Komission ver-/kaufen''), which basically describes a deal between two dealers, in which one of them gives the other one drugs in advance, so he can sell them in order to fund his own part of the income.

Later on the word ''Kommi'' received another, quite similiar, defintion which is just basically the same as ''Kombi'' mentioned earlier.

Due to the big popularity of a german (now classic) book/movie called ''Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo (1978)'' and a certain audio part of the movie, where a character of the cast calls a ''Kommi'' unintentionally a ''Kombi'', the word made it's final shift in spelling (at least for now).
''Kannst du zwanni auf kombi''? (''Do you have 20 € worth ''drug'' that I can pay later on?'')
by slyvve January 23, 2020
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Isn't the Holden van a Combo? The Kombi van was made years ago by Volkswagen.
The Combo is the only Holden that i would call a piece of shit, what...with its 64 killowatt engine Holden should've known better.
by Holden kicks ass March 22, 2004
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