A seater refers to a pillion ride on the seat of a bicycle. Also known as a 'backie'.
Boy one: "Awww go on, gimme a seater my bike's got a flat tyre!"

Boy two: "Ummm... Nah. To be honest, i've never really liked you all that much."

Boy two cycles away.
by Eradeziel March 2, 2006
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A heater that warms up your seat. Especially useful when it snows in California or Saskatchewan.
Aaron didn't put on his long John's he got back in 1992 for Christmas. On a cold December evening in Regina, waiting in the Starbuck's line for his quad venti half caf breve no foam with whip two splenda stirred skinny three pump peppermint mocha, no sleeve, he clicked on his seater on high. "You lose winter, you lose", he muttered with a slight grin.
by DafunkyWERDman December 30, 2022
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A person, usually female, with an arse so enormous it takes up two seats on a bus or other public transport. The sight of this apparition Is so remarkable that owner ceases to be a person and become just a mobile arse. The next stage usually results in the disbelieving mind asking a number of questions such as “Is it an elephant in disguise?” “How did it get into those jeans?” “Does it have its own Facebook page?” “Are the seats going to collapse?” This is usually followed by wondering “If it escaped would it attack people and ravage the countryside?” This in turn is followed by the heartfelt prayer, “Please don’t let it fart!”
I was on the bus yesterday and this enormous arse got on, talk about a two-seater, if there’d been a third seat it would have had that as well.
by AKACroatalin May 15, 2015
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A bowel movement so explosive in nature, that the force of the resulting splash coats the underside of the toilet seat with fecal matter.
I thought that once I flushed the toilet, it would be gone. But then I lifted up the toilet seat to find that I had left behind a bottom seater.
by The Peacock July 27, 2010
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Someone so obese, they take up two seats on an airplane, bus, or train. Bonus points if said person has to buy two tickets.
My flight to London sucked. I got stuck in a window seat for eight and a half hours next to a two seater.
by frank carter January 25, 2010
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A sexual maneuver, mainly used for male masturbation, where the seat heater in a car is left on while jacking off to singe ones balls.
Billy felt nervous about attempting a heat seater in a public parking lot.
by Curufin July 19, 2014
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shitting yourself in a car without seat heaters
My ass was freezing, so I gave myself a heat-seater.
by bishpants April 21, 2009
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