In German, its means "people's wagon", fucking great car company, everything to compact to suv, to faster cars.
Dude, I got a Volkswagen Jetta, its a nice car.
by AJF935 October 5, 2003
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The act of spending all or most of one's weekly/bi-weekly/monthly/anuall income on an automobile who continues to draw your love and compassion. Volkswagen owners are usually unaware of the amount of compensation given. They will always deny any shortcomings regarding their car.
So, my volkswagen is in the shop again. ~sigh~ I do love that car.
by ~$*MO*$~ July 22, 2008
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Volkswagen is a genuinely great car company. Their cars are built solidly, are fast, agile and fun to drive, plus they're not too expensive. They aren't overstyled like the crap Hyundais and Kias and their interiors are classy as fuck. Their lineup ranges from sporty small cars to refined large SUVs. They are even the producer the iconic Beetle and the stereotype inducing Jetta. In addition, they invented and still rule the Hot Hatchback category with the Golf GTI. Their engines are easy to work on, last forever and will run for at least 350,000 miles. Though they have a reputation for smaller things breaking, the overall quality and build solidity is exceptionally high. Parts are shared between Audi and Porsche, as they are all one company. This gives VWs the feel of much more expensive cars and has resulted in a large following of VW fans around the globe, similar to BMW or Jeep.
Dude, I juts got my new Volkswagen GTI, it's really fucking awesome. I don't think I'll buy anything else ever again.
by TheCarFanatic May 24, 2014
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VolksWagen, sometimes shortformed into VW, Volks/VolksW or VWagen is a type of car from Germany, started somewhere in the 1930's or so. It's believed that the idea of VW was thought up by Hitler, then when a Nazi heard, he liked the idea and started it.
Volkswagen translates into "People Car" or "The People Car" in German.

Sadly, lots of people don't buy VW because Hitler possibly thought up the idea or they just plain out don't like Germans.

But, that's kinda stupid. German engineering is really good, and it lasts and long time (Hence you see lots of old VW around)

The most known VW models are:
"Bob just bought a Volkswagen beetle"
"Volkswagen is German"
"Jane hates Volkswagen. She doesn't know a thing about good cars, though."
by vmml97 April 17, 2009
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the best cars ever made, plus its my house
all hail the bug!!!!!!
by carl September 12, 2003
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The first car manufacturer to make a
SUV - the Schwimmagen (sp?) and the
first real station wagon (bus).
eh, stop the bus, is that a schwimmer
in the lake!!. now pass me that pipe
so i can get the bus running.
by vw66bus November 15, 2003
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