a stupid fucking nonsense troll that thinks he has to put his .02 in on everyone else's shit. Any person known not to STFU.

Across the river jackass, not down it
Quit being a 1978!
by softballfans July 30, 2009
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When a Guy Is a Whole Snack, a Whole Dinner, and a Whole Lunch.
"OMG, Katherine! Do You See That Fine Ass Boy Over There"
"Bitchhhhh, He's a Whole 1978"
by Peylanni ruccianii May 1, 2017
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Badass bike. Buy one if you can. You can make this bike perform like crazy and blow those douchebag wannabe sportbike riders out of the water. If you posess the talent this bike will wheelie all day. It may be old and heavy but you will shut people's mouths when you kick this machine over and go screamin out of the parking lot.
Look there's one of the badass bikes. What are you talking about, that Ninja? No you idiot that KZ650 from the 70s. Oh man look at him go he just rode a wheelie past that cop, there's no way that cop is going to catch him, at least not while he is still on that 1978 KZ 650.
by dexnewman March 9, 2010
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when the first Garfield comic strip was made in.
June 1, 1978:

Person 1: Let's order the newspaper!

June 19, 1978:

Person 1: dude here's the first Garfield comic strip!
Person 2: dude that's coooool
Person 1: so the Garfield comic strip stated in June 19 1978.
by prb915FC January 7, 2021
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Brief Moment of absolute Lucidity within the eyes of an orange cat smoking a pipe.
It was on 07/27/1978, when the Cat took jon's pipe, funniest shit I've ever seen.
by ManWritingWriting January 30, 2022
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