Low-end is an adjective that defines something cheap; inexpensive; low-cost etc.
That cellphone is low-end.

I don't have too much money, so i'm looking for a low-end car.
by Sir-Arthur January 15, 2012
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A girl that hang out with every boy or talk to every boy like she a ho
I wanted to talk to her but she a low end.
She know almost every boy in Milwaukee, she a low end🙄.
by chummyforanothermummy June 13, 2020
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In Chicago the low end is 55th Street and down until Roosevelt road.
Hey dawg lets ride down to the low end and get into a lil sumthin sumthin, hit the 'jects on the way back.
by Michele Kasper December 10, 2006
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We gots to head to the garage to see the Brosephs light it up. Their low end lays down the funkenstein so good it gives me the heebeejeebees.
by Low Down December 3, 2008
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Any device that is barely capable of completing basic tasks. (web browsing, making calls, playing a video, playing music, etc.)
Dude #1: "Hey man, Those computers over there look awesome!"

Dude #2: "Wow, and they're pretty cheap too!"

Dude #3: "Dude, those are the low-end computers.
by allmar October 6, 2013
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