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Kombi is a german slang word mostly used by young people (but also older ones that are into illegal drugs), that describes the dealer giving the customer the drugs in advance and allowing him to pay later on.

The terms roots originally go all the way back to another one called ''Kommi'' (in short for ''auf Komission ver-/kaufen''), which basically describes a deal between two dealers, in which one of them gives the other one drugs in advance, so he can sell them in order to fund his own part of the income.

Later on the word ''Kommi'' received another, quite similiar, defintion which is just basically the same as ''Kombi'' mentioned earlier.

Due to the big popularity of a german (now classic) book/movie called ''Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo (1978)'' and a certain audio part of the movie, where a character of the cast calls a ''Kommi'' unintentionally a ''Kombi'', the word made it's final shift in spelling (at least for now).
''Kannst du zwanni auf kombi''? (''Do you have 20 € worth ''drug'' that I can pay later on?'')
by slyvve January 23, 2020
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