To get booted from a reality TV show (in particular, Project Runway). Derives from "auf wiedersehen," the German word for "goodbye," which is what PR host Heidi Klum says to the losing contestant at the end of the episode.
Zulema got the auf!

I'm also happy Zulema was aufed, although I think Kara's was much more boring and should have gone.

by Lando Griffin August 3, 2006
Greatest interjection made ever, created by R. Taylor to replace two words Aww and Fuck. Hence Auf. Can be used just about anywhere and does not have to be used just as aww and fuck. Duck noises should be used after.
Auf, I almost hit a Deer, i did hit the deer, Auf!


That Aufin coach.. Show him, i got the deer hair and everything

-R. Taylor
by Esteban November 28, 2004
AUFS. Abbreviation for texting .
AUFSAre you fucking serious.
Response to a comment or a response to a post that leaves the reader both amused and befuddled. Response to comment or a post that you are surprised they actually put it out there like that.
When I saw the post Sheila put up about her date friday, I was like
by Satinruffles January 19, 2017
A German phrase meaning until we meet again or till I see you again, used as a farewell.

This is the formal and polite way to say the goodbye.
Dr. King Schultz: Normally Monsieur Candie, I would say, auf wiedersehen. But since what auf wiedersehen actually means is, till I see you again, and since I never wish to see you again, to you sir, I say, Goodbye!!
by dhanush33352 May 3, 2020
German term for drinking your entire drink at once, without stopping. Equivilent to chugging the entire beverage at once.
Kevin: "Mortiz, auf ex!"
Moritz: jaaaa auf ex! *drinks entire maß of beer*
by ichliebebayern January 6, 2011
Lost and Found (band) was playing in Germany and wanted to say Rock on, in german, and they didn't know how to, so they said stein auf, until they were told they were actually saying "Stone on top of", and so they had to convince everyone says (in america) STONE ON TOP OF!!!
At end of concert, band would yell STEIN AUF!!!! (for rock on)
This word means "goodbye" in German.
"Auf wiedersehen, mein freund." Translation: "Goodbye, my friend."
by Newt February 24, 2005