beaten, usually in a melee with the use of fists, but not restricted to it.

see also: rocked, pwned
by Jay March 20, 2004
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A racial term used towards African Americans to skirt around the use of the 'N word'. Used by cowards who want to get away with racial insensitivity and use it as a way to justify themselves so they can still sleep at night. Originates from the term white slave owners would use to reference the black slaves they forced into bare knuckle brawls with each other for entertainment.
Racist Guy: Can't believe that knuck knuck took my lunch money!
Racially Tolerant Guy: Dude, you can't say that! That is incredibly racist!
Racist Guy: I am so sorry. I did not realize the connotations that phrase holds. I will strive to be better. Thank you for educating me.
by JustOneRealCoolDude July 10, 2020
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When two people hit their knuckles together (when hands are in a fist). Many times used instead of a handshake or high-five.
Upon seeing friend...
"Hey what's up brother?"
Action: Knucks.
by Becky24 October 19, 2005
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To beat the shit out of someone or something using your bare hands
I'll knuck the fuck out of you if you touch my women
by E-rock April 8, 2005
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To brandish one's knuckles, usually before a fight or to induce a fight.

I knuck We knuck
You knuck You All knuck
He/She/It knucks They knuck
"Knuck if you buck!" = Put up your dukes if you want to fight. (To knuck)
by Ross Owens December 6, 2005
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