When two people hit their knuckles together (when hands are in a fist). Many times used instead of a handshake or high-five.
Upon seeing friend...
"Hey what's up brother?"
Action: Knucks.
by Becky24 October 19, 2005
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A synonym to pound it. It is a fist to fist contact in a congratulatory way. Often used to replace a high 5 or shaking hands.
Steve: Hell yeah! This Euro-trip rocks!
Jerry: I know, check out that european ass!
Steve & Jerry: Knucks!
by Benormous April 19, 2006
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"I'm buyin' me some brass knucks."
by Dave January 15, 2004
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The action of touching two knuckles..basically a sign of coolness. Also can be used in place of 'the Eff word' :p
Knuck my life, man!

*Walking past friend* KNUCKS! *touch knuckles together*
by Alyssa Knucker November 4, 2009
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someone with big knuckles.

someone is a good fighter.
ay yo dat boy got some big knucks.

dat kid can move his knucks.
by $knucks$ $bux$ July 3, 2009
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An abbreviation of "knuckle children", which is a colloquialism for semen expelled during masturbation.
Oh man, that chick was hot. When I get home I'm gonna have to crank out a few knucks.
by defaultuser1 April 27, 2011
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Some blown out pussy lips that look like a pair of Chuck Norris' knuckles
After I got done beatin' cakes you should've seen the knucks on that broadley.
by Big Bizniz March 15, 2008
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