A college-educated twenty-something that has an unpaid internship and is working for free. They are usually supported financially by their parents and believe that their current sacrifices will lead to a paying job in the future, but they will not. Usually these jobs consist of going on coffee runs, making facebook and twitter posts, and accomplishing nothing over a 10-hour workday. Unpaid female interns are often an easy form of sexual release for their male superiors, especially in political campaigns.
"Did you hear Jenna got an internship at the capitol? I'm so proud of her."

"It's an unpaid internship. Don't be proud of her. She is a white-collar slave. She's also probably banging the congressman too."
by Mr Cnowledge July 24, 2014
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A person who is a slave to corporate jobs where you must wear white collars and suites like space monkeys all of you... MONKEYS!!!
i feel like a white collared slave workin for IBM... fuck this *loads gun and shoots self
by asdf December 04, 2002
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