a special way of calling someone a whore.
more original than bluntly calling someone a slut.
girl 1- Me and him hooked up
girl 2- I hope you wore knee pads.


girl 1- Bitch, do your knees a favor and ge some kneepads.
by HannahxBanana May 21, 2006
it is absolutely necessary for a girl to wear while sucking dick on her knees, as it will protect her knees and make the experience much more comfortable.
girl: tonight im coming over to suck dat dick
guy: ight make sure you bring da knee pads
by cool guy11111 April 9, 2010
knee pads & pasties elbow pads & ( motor scooter helmet ) bedroom fun & games.
yo banana! I bang my knee pads through the sheet rock on a wall job.
motor scooter helmet keeps head from banging walls.

knee pads on a first date is HORNY!
by itichie_nocanpo August 10, 2006
When a females tits are so saggy they can be used as knee pads for athletic events
Girl you have your knee pads today? No, but I'll just use my African Knee Pads.
by queffton December 11, 2014
when a female is giving a blowjob her knees may be bruised. so you can use this term to ask if some has given a blowjob.
hey ______ do you use knee pads?
by thwordonthestreet May 10, 2014
The act of putting shoes under your knees while giving it to a girl doggy style, to prevent rug burn.
i was having sex so hard last night that i had to apply the Midget Knee Pads.
by Randomwhitedud3 May 27, 2015