glue-on nipple patches with or without tassles. some peole may consider tape patches over nipples as pasties, but that's debatable.
it would be really funny if there were a law that all fat guys could not wear shirts and had to wear pasties in public.
by minghi May 17, 2003
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Prouncounced Paste-eez, it means the pastey, claggy, dry mouth that you get from smoking weed.
"I got chronic pasties right now
by Diego Blunt August 29, 2003
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A delicious one course meal including many miscellaneous food items such as potatos, beef, rutebega etc. stuffed inside a flaky crust. Goes well with ketchup or gravy. Derived from the UP of Michigan and hard to find anywhere else.
We will eat scrumptous pasties for dinner when we return home to the Upper Penninsula of Michigan!
by Jennifer "Super Yooper" April 5, 2005
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when an unprecedented amount of cannabis has been smoked leaving the mouth feeling dried up and sticky. No amount of liquid can cure the pasties, often dried biscuits or bread will cause great discomfort to a person experiencing the pasties due to the inability to successfully chew the food without it sticking to every part of the mouth.
"lick the rolly paper dude"
"nah i can't, ive got the killer pasties"

"i can't swallow this chocolate biscuit, ive got the pasties"
by galem April 3, 2009
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A tassle for your nipple so you can get 'naked' but not be totally out there, but it doesn't cover very much at all.
She was not naked, she was wearing a pastie.
by Joe February 2, 2004
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the art of visiting a pasty shop to purchase pastys.
Also connected to cobbing it
Yo Alex1 you going pastying?
Sure Rob
by Ice9 April 26, 2005
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strong likka of 40 or 45 per cent abv, witta anise flava, made in France on the southside near Marseille. mainly mixed with water but can also be sipped alone. tastes good for ones, but if you don't like anise you'll hate it.
as the french say, a glass of pastis is just like a boob : only one is not enough but three is too much.

so drink five of deez glasses fulla pastis with no water and youll actda fool on the dancefloor, get drunk as fuck.
by Swoopa January 23, 2009
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