to say "alright" in slang term
"lets go to mcdonalds"

by lilly2003 October 6, 2017
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short for aight which is short for allright
me: im funna go over thurr

u: ight yo
by The Gunslinger April 17, 2004
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Meaning Okay, or a conformation of something.
Bob: I'm gonna go kill this little punk ass bitch! Wana Help?

Frank: Ight.
by Mr.Evilguy August 14, 2003
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the rift abbreviation for alright
fuck “aight
ight thas cool
by Paris21 February 6, 2019
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shortening of aright. used by bogans, derros, skaters, americans and jacob detwilers.
1"duuudee, wanna come for a skate?"

by well hey there you DOOGYS January 7, 2010
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it means ok , got it or fine
man 1: you good
man 2: yea im ight
by shaloop January 17, 2020
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a term used when a guy is fed up with u and ur bs
girl: i can’t hangout today i’m washing my dog
boy: ight
by lucygoogoo44 February 6, 2020
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