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flat rock (in any canyon) anywhere in california
When I came to UR cuntry had to use mexican bedpan to make coffee,
use mexican pan to cook mexican bacon, sleep in mexican tree shanks mare & mexican taxi
MAN I was on mexican time drinking mexican water with a mexican dream my mexican shorts pull way up.
Now I a rich man!!! I have a broker firewall slut + Stock options.
by itichie_nocanpo July 3, 2006
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low rider with automatic oil change ( just pull handle )
In city of compton in my low rider on dash-board is a handle. It says " mexican oil change ". When those city doggs & Pole-ice mans get on my bumper. I do a mexican oil change !!
Pull handle blow oil all over street & watch um spin out...

PS hombre's if LAPD pulls U over just say, " I take to shop & fix leak "
by itichie_nocanpo September 28, 2006
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navy term for one who rides a swabee ( don't ask don't tell )
Chief of the Boat: "NOW HEAR THIS" all swab jockey to the fan tail all swabee's a midships,
When bosen sounds all midship-men pull jacking gear. " THAT IS ALL"
by itichie_nocanpo October 28, 2006
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In a swinger group it's the husband who holds while wife is merging with another group member...
wife says to husband " will U be my bag holder tonight? BIG black african wants me & he doesn't like his balls to drag on the sheets " !!

husband says to wife "####@$%$@$!" this is the last time I always get STINK HAND !!!
by itichie_nocanpo September 7, 2006
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Routine 10-28 on bicycle rampart division Los Angles.
Subject was wui ( Walking Under the Influence ) 10-51 out.
Roger that! subject mexican american.

Yo officer sir! I was just hang loose walkin my bike. Pooor favoor!.

Bend over put head between leg grab ankles walk 10 steps and count as you go.
Now Take breathalyzer test 10-4 out.
by itichie_nocanpo July 4, 2006
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high-precision atomic time standard (zulu time ) AKA Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
Governator is on zulu time in california. hang 10 doing trw checking ho ho ho count for xmas, pressing flesh, kissing babe's what else do governators do!
by itichie_nocanpo August 11, 2006
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Big black ugly smell like asshole greese, gold chains, gold watch, gold teeth, gold mercedes car, high heels, pink hanky, walks & talks soft with a big stick....
badge 714 rampart division day watch commander called and
said: joe "check out california pimp workin the streets "..
city of angels .
I was on my way to R&I " coffee in hand when I got the call ".
by itichie_nocanpo October 29, 2006
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