When something signifies humor in a way that cannot be described.
1:Bro that was some kek shit mate.
2:My meme?
1:Yeah man.
2:Thanks :)
1:It’s funny but in a way I can’t describe it.
by AFG-K November 13, 2019
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"Keks" or "Kiks" is a game traditionally played in Scandinavia. Keks or Kiks meaning "Biscuit". The game is traditionally played in a circle where the participants gather around a biscuit and masturbate. The last man to ejaculate on the biscuit has to eat it at the end of the game. The game may vary with the gender of the participants, but mainly it's an all-male playoff.
Lars: I had had a game of keks with my friends yesterday.
Kurt: Oh yeah? Who won?
Lars: I don't know, but Michael swallowed the whole bit.
by Bashtal November 25, 2010
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After an Horde player in World of Warcraft says "lol", it appears as "kek" to the enemy faction, also known as the Alliance.
Guy 1: Biutch did u just quickskop meh?!
Guy 2: Kek.
by WooshieWoosh September 27, 2016
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A thing that absolute morons say while they try to act cool when they don't even know where it originated from
John: Hey I made a funny meme!
Nathan: Kek
John: What the fuck is wrong with you you moron holy shit shut the fuck up your parents don't love you
by magma is gaming January 25, 2021
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Kek is sexy ass god sex with fucking sex sex


jess:OK DAD Kek
by Kek god sex March 26, 2021
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