I'm still working on my thesis. as in: Working on my thesis has been such a soporific transitional resilient period of time. Latter days
by H_Urtecho_Burroughs September 23, 2015
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A member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, sometimes called the "Mormons". Believes in the literal resurrection of Jesus Christ, Christ's visit to the Americas; Christ's visit to Joseph Smith; baptism by immersion; morality, truth and justice; avoids coffee, tea, drugs, alcohol and tobacco. The Church has a living Prophet, a spokesman for the Almighty who receives revelation from the Almighty. The Church also has 12 living Apostles who are special witnesses of Jesus Christ.
Latter-day Saints are good neighbors, clean-living, God fearing people who love the Lord Jesus Christ.
by Jay April 19, 2005
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A Mormon who completly contradicts their religion by smoking weed and drinking alcohol. He/She still considers them self Mormon though.
Stoner: "Hey man you want a mountain dew?"
Latter Day Stoner: "No, I don't drink caffeine."
Stoner: "Why?"
Latter Day Stoner: "I'm Mormon."
Stoner: "What?"
Latter Day Stoner: "Yeah... you wanna smoke another bowl?"
Stoner: "For sure."
by Kristen Lee J September 1, 2008
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A morman or (latter day saint), which has turned rebellious, been ex communicated or, is just wilde. Often times these rebellious mormans become, extremely promiscuos or slut like.
You slept with rachel the latter day slut?
by Jesse Koko May 8, 2007
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A non-devout / faux member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. A Jack Mormon. One who is Mormon by culture, but does not have a testimony of the church or who does not live by its precepts.
Person 1: Dude! Can you believe that Jack is a Mormon and he voted for Obama and against Proposition 8?

Person 2: Yeah. Jack is total Latter Day Ain't!
by vududady April 30, 2012
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A bizarre cult founded by Joseph Smith in the 19th Century, based around a bunch of golden tablets. Their stronghold is Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

Also known as Mormons, after their bible, the Book of Mormon.
"They march, the Latter Day Saints
Salt Lake's sick residents
They want you to repent
The want your ten percent".

Fad Gadget - "Salt Lake City Sunday".
by OxygenBurglar November 5, 2009
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A Church founded in 1830 by Joseph Smith, Jr., and often nicknamed "The Mormon Church". The Church is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, yet has followers worldwide.

Members follow the teaching of Joseph Smith, and believe in modern day Prophets and revelation. They believe in the Holy Bible and also in The Book of Mormon. The Church's Missionaries are one of it's most recognized traits, along with it's large temples topped with a golden angel. The Church is considered Christian by many as the members have a strong belief in Jesus Christ.
Mormons are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
by jakelow November 14, 2009
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