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A demon originally introduced in Doom 2. Known for the screeches and being tall. This glass tank can punch hard and shoots rockets from it's shoulder mounted rocket launchers. Also introduced in DOOM 3, DOOM 2016 and DOOM ETERNAL. This demon has had little changes by design over the years and is know to be one of the weaker heavy demons in the newer DOOM games. It was originally a human who was exposed to argent which made it grow to extreme heights which made it's flesh tear and made it in need of artificial enhancements to be able to do simple tasks such as walking. The eyes made gray, the teeth made sharp and the strength of this demon is immense all thanks to the exposure of Argent energy. In the classics it is believed that the Revenant was made from the remains of a fallen demon thus the name. Oh yeah also it's a meme all thanks to the DOOT Skeleton.
P1: You like that spooky skeleton from Doom?
P2:You mean Revenant?

by AFG-K August 14, 2021
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A Twitter account known for shitposting and being a Doom Revenant stan
P1:Ay you know about ExoLieTweets?
P2: You mean the kid who posting about Revenant from Doom and shit posts?
P1:Yeah that kid
by AFG-K August 14, 2021
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When something signifies humor in a way that cannot be described.
1:Bro that was some kek shit mate.
2:My meme?
1:Yeah man.
2:Thanks :)
1:It’s funny but in a way I can’t describe it.
by AFG-K November 14, 2019
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An online user who typically post poor quality shitpost.
Person 1: Ay you know who ExoLie is?
Person 2: You Talkin bout that kid who posts memes online or gaming?
Person 1: Yeah
by AFG-K August 3, 2021
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A 'judgement free zone' where beginners or for locals who want to get into exercising. Most equipment is very minimal inorder to save money and to scare off more advanced athletes. People will judge you more in a Planet fitness than most other gyms so would not recommend.
Person 1: You heard about the Planet Fitness that just opened up?
Person 2: Yeah, wouldn't recommend though. Just go to another gym.
by AFG-K August 3, 2021
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A legendary 7 Elixir card which is typically used for defense to defeat tanks or swarms and can be used for counter pushing. It is unlockable at Arena 7(Royal Arena). At level 9 it does 222 damage, 444 spawn damage and has 3333 health. It has the unique property of jumping which has the same attack damage as spawning. It requires a minimum of 3.5 tiles and a maximum of 5 tiles to activate the jump attack. It's is one of two cards to have a charge attack as well as being one of three cards to have spawn damage. It walks medium speed and only attacks ground. It can commonly be countered by minion horde, inferno dragon, Pekka, Inferno tower or mini pekka(all cards must be equal or better for best results and there are many more ways to counter a mega knight). The mega knight(when not star leveled) is a big troop which posses a black chassis with a helmet design similar to the dark prince, has chainmail under the plate armour similarly to knight and has to black spiked spherical gauntlets to smash his opponents. When counter pushing, it is recommended to use a splash troop, anti air troop, tank killer, freeze spell, zap, or horde troops to take care of tank killers or inferno troops quickly depending on the opponents deck.
"He lands with the force of 1000 mustaches, then from one foe to the next dealing huge area damage. Stand aside!" - Clash Royale, Mega Knight Bio
by AFG-K August 14, 2021
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It’s when you experience an orgasim after masturbation or sexual intercourse.
Male:Oh God, I’m entering the cumzone
*begins to ejaculate*
by AFG-K November 14, 2019
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