Adjective; commonly means "good" or "I like this"
Mmmm, yes. The taste of Billie Eilish hair is very kek.
by KekEmoji October 14, 2019
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çok keksin! (turkish)
you're so kek!
by idelil September 14, 2006
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Kek is something or someone that is straight up trash or is gay in the head/mentally incapable
by Rlskify November 29, 2018
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kek is short for kåt efterbliven knarkare in swedish.
In english, that means horny retarded junkie.
Omg, it's Jonas Ek! :O:O
Now that's a cool tag he's doing, kek.
by cpnegern September 22, 2008
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Was a word used on Dragon Warrior IV when a minion in a dungeon tower was mocking the Hero (ie you) being doomed to die no matter what, and before he dies he keks(laughs) at him. It was used way before WoW and all the other crap listed on here.
You can't stop the inevitable from happening Hero... Kek!....(dies)
by slicplaya June 07, 2017
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