Girls tend to like Lars.
Intelligent and smart, and knows how to use his tools.
Lars is everything a man has ever dreamed about being himself.
Lars is every girls perfect boyfriend.
"Ohh!! LARS!!!! you are so good!!"
"Hey...! I want a Lars too!!!"
"That boy over there.. He is just so Lars"
by Suzan December 27, 2004
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Lars is the best boyfriend you could imagine. He gives you butterflies everytime he looks at you with his wonderful eyes. His smile is just awesome and makes you want to smile too even if you are sad.
Jenny" I'm so in love with my boyfriend Lars, he is the love of my life and i can't imagine my life without him anymore"
by Jännny January 25, 2016
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Lars is a mf frog. The froggiest frog of them all. He has a bunch of haters because they don’t understand his ways but he still racks in the money from it so he doesn’t care what they say. He will steal your hoe right up from under you because he’s a bad bitch. He has a frog family of 8 and they only clap their cheeks for Jesus. He has a daily “time to poop!” segment that he sends to his worthy fans everyday at midnight. If you don’t know Lars then what are you doing ? cause everyone knows him
Lars is the froggiest mofo to walk this earth
by Larsthefrog April 01, 2019
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someone who acts like a Hedlar or who partakes in activities such as; assholenes, fagotry, douchbagery, licking of your lips, and balding.
Bill: You are so annoying you're acting like a fucking Lars
Jon: wow you didn't have to go that far
by Zaltan Ibrahimovic December 14, 2013
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The act of smoking marijuana. Originated in Davie, Florida.

Created from a single quote from the movie Heavy Weights. While sparking a blunt somebody quoted Tony Perkis, "Do it to it Lars"
You wanna Lars?

Daw, you Lars'd?

Daw, that blunt gt me so Lars'd.
by ballz_warm April 05, 2009
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(ancient; Latin) Lars,(Lartis), an Etruscan name. Also a Lar was the spirit of a particular place or thing in the Roman animistic system.

Probably the derivation of the modern name 'Larry'
Lars was an Etruscan warrior.

The Lar of their house is angry, we will appease it with an offering.
by Illuminaticus July 10, 2008
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