Girls tend to like Lars.
Intelligent and smart, and knows how to use his tools.
Lars is everything a man has ever dreamed about being himself.
Lars is every girls perfect boyfriend.
"Ohh!! LARS!!!! you are so good!!"
"Hey...! I want a Lars too!!!"
"That boy over there.. He is just so Lars"
by Suzan December 27, 2005
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Lars is the best boyfriend you could imagine. He gives you butterflies everytime he looks at you with his wonderful eyes. His smile is just awesome and makes you want to smile too even if you are sad.
Jenny" I'm so in love with my boyfriend Lars, he is the love of my life and i can't imagine my life without him anymore"
by Jännny January 25, 2016
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Lars is honestly the best person you will ever meet in your life. He's the sweetest, most adorable and the most amazing person ever. There are actually not enough words in this world to describe how amazing he is. He's trustworthy, smart, kind, handsome, hot literally every good adjective ever. His singing will make anyone feel like they are in heaven.
If a person is trustworthy, trusts him and loves him more than anything, he will sure to return that same love to you. Everyone loves Lars and those who don't are idiots who should.
Everyone needs a Lars in their lives
"Lars is just the best person in this entire world!"
"Lars give me a kiss please"
"Won't you sing a song for me Lars, my baby?"
by DJDJGIRLGIRL January 26, 2019
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Hot, cute, sexy make with huge dick and an awesome girlfriend
Look at that lars I wish I had his dick and girl
by KanSAM February 16, 2016
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Lars is the type of guy to commit to a relationship and then leave like wtf

*Passenger - Let her go start playing*
I miss Lars
Where is Lars?
This dude will never replace Lars
by Lars g January 23, 2019
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lars is on amstelveen college.
the most girls love him en he is a pretty guy and always saying cancer to people. he is a real guy from the netherlands
by gemeente aalsmeer November 6, 2019
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