Originally an Italo-disco song, Shadilay is a song made by the Italian artist P.E.P.E in the 80's.

It was found on a 7' record with a frog holding a magic wand, with the words 'ASS. ART. PEPE.' on the bottom. This record is an example of the wonders of Meme Magic.

Followers of the ancient god Kek, say this term to praise the dark lord.
"Shadilay brothers!"

"Praise Kek!"
by Yellowjuggernaut October 19, 2016
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A word in the Kekistani language that is used for greeting each other.

It is actually an acronym for:
Shitpost , (remember) Harambe ,Autism , Dankness ,Islamophobia ,Logic ,(respect kekistan greatest ally) Akkad ,You fucking a white male.

All of the above, are the commandments of mighty KEK, and when a kekistani meet another kekistani brother, they remind each other to live bythis noble creed - by the laws of KEK.
"Shadilay, my fellow kekistan brother, and may KEK grant you with his mighty meme magic"
by fistie June 10, 2017
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The Jewish word for peace and unity.
Could I get everyone to say "shadilay" for me? It would mean a lot to me because I'm Jewish.
by 0skillz February 3, 2017
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A retail line of divine cannabis, founding member of the new recreational marijuana market in Canada.
That Shadilay is dope bro...
by based stickman March 7, 2017
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A name of a right winged message board, based off the name of an Italian song.
Shadilay.com has more right winged conspiracy theories than alex jones and cnn combined
by Kek's Army October 27, 2020
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