Clive is a name that means peaceful, and the people that bare this name are usually very handsome, tall , easy to flow with ,can be trusted & easily fall for people. The are all way open hearted and like to help those in need , the mostly have a passion for music and hate watching sports, but that doesn't mean the hate sports.
I have a friend just like you he's very peacefull, his names Clive.
by Turnner March 18, 2017
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The god among biceps. Everytime he makes an entrance, universes collide, the sun explodes, and black holes swallow themselves.
In b4 clive

In between clive

In after clive
by u mad brah? July 3, 2009
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You are so lucky if you have a Clive in your life. They are hysterical and aren't afraid to stand up for people the care about. They have the best dance moves. They usually have brown hair. They are usually very strong and aren't afraid to wrestle a friend or family. They know how to have fun. If you have a Clive in your life keep him in your life.
Wow! Is that the new kid Clive? He looks strong, I hope he'll be friends with me!
by Aystuvw January 24, 2019
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the thiccest dick known to man he'll tear out ur guts and leave you on the ground when hes done he destroys planets when he walks in the room.
Clive omg my panties are wet
by biggy niggy March 27, 2019
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An extremely praised person who is known for their amazing looks and personality. can be usually seen with handsome Jon
wow! look at that clive over there, hes mint, and what about that handsome Jon?!
by TG:83 September 24, 2004
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A man who dosn't give a fuck about anything.
Known to gain employment only with companies who provide him with a van, the van is then used to transport friends, a place to smoke weed, a place to sleep.
WARNING- The van may never be returned even on termination of contract.
"Clive, this is John from British Gas, can we have our brand new van back please, you havn't done any work for 2 months and you were sacked last week"

"No, fuck-off, It's mine"
by Benny the Brit July 1, 2003
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To cum or sperm on someones face preferably your wife
Ow honey you clived me in the eye get the patch" "shut up carrol"
by simultaneous March 23, 2009
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