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To ejaculate and hold the keeps in the foreskin, pinching the end to block seepage.
Barry thundered towards a massive orgasm and without missing a beat, Rick smartly grabbed the end of his foreskin, just as the tip of Barry's flesh chimney filled up like a protein balloon. Rick positioned his nostrils in line with Barry's shuddering trunk and released his grip...
by Herbert Schweffe November 15, 2017

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erect penis
To mum's horror, Simon pulled off his trousers and paraded around the sitting room; proudly sticking his angry erection in the air like a big flesh chimney.
by Herbert Schweffe November 15, 2017

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a cock, with more emphasis.
As Alan stood at the bus stop, he could feel Paul's heavy cyock pressing against his leg.
by Herbert Schweffe November 15, 2017

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Spunk held in high regard. (Normally semen from the ringleader or alpha male)
Justin sprayed his magnificent keeps all over Adrian's outstretched hands, as Clive and Gordon clambered desperately for their own greedy fist full .
by Herbert Schweffe February 09, 2018

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Rancid bodily secretions that mingle in the cracks and folds around the male anus, ballsack and chode; creating pungent yet sickenly appealing scratch and sniff opportunities.
Though the cameras of the world were pointing his way, the German football manager couldn’t resist reaching deep inside his trousers to scoop up some of the sweaty discharge that had collected deep inside his arse crack. As he drew his gruby fingers towards his mouth he inhaled deeply, the intoxicating aroma of last nights spunk and this morning’s skid marks filled his nostrils. ‘Who cares about the score when you have all this delicious man muck collecting in your pants!?’ He sighed
by Herbert Schweffe October 30, 2018

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The ejaculate of a person of high ranking. Normally a member of the ruling classes or clergy.
Lord Hazelmere unleashed a fountain of hot spaff all over the marble floor. He hauled himself back into his trousers and left the room. From the shadows, his man-servant emerged with a Tupperware box and scooped up the holy juice for safe keeping.

‘’That’s some good keeps’’ he chuckled.
by Herbert Schweffe August 13, 2018

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Male ejaculate
The vision of Tracey's swinging knockers was too much for Liam to bare. As he sat on the bus with his shopping bags hiding his bulge, he discharged violently and without contol, filling his trousers with a seemingly endless stream of cock sick.
He felt hollow, desperate to clean up his awful mess. But with 8 stops to go he could do nothing but let himself dry, the spunk fusing his leg hairs to his pants like Human Glue
by Herbert Schweffe August 19, 2018

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