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Lbci or LBCI is an acronym that means "laughing but crying internally". This can be used in a number of different situations (especially when you are embarrassed or feel ashamed about something but find it humorous/funny at the same time).
Person 1: I think you look so nice but also so weird...
Person 2: Lbci... Thanks I guess?
Person 1: No problem lololol

Person 1: You made a fool of yourself last night...
Person 2:. LBCI!!!!!!!
Person 1: yikessss
by LingDanc803 September 6, 2021
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The combination of the words cathartic and lethargic. It is the state of being cathartically lethargic or lethargically cathartic.
by LingDanc803 September 23, 2021
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The combination of the words cathartic and lethargic. It is something that may be cathartically lethargic, or lethargically cathartic.
Learning Spanish has been so cathartic for me; it is really fun but I feel that my progress has been really cathargic.
by LingDanc803 September 23, 2021
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This is an expression one can use when they want to be random, playful, mischievous, mysterious, or funny. One usually says this when they have nothing left to say, especially through text. One can also send/say this as an opener when they have now idea how to start a conversation.
Person 1: Betty boop bop (BBB)
Person 2: Come again?
Person 1: Exactly.... BBB
Person 2: uhhhh??
Person 1: Betty boop bop!
Person 2: Bye then
by LingDanc803 July 13, 2021
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Similar to Big Dick Energy (or BDE) in nature, this is when a person exudes intelligence, knowledge, and intellectuality. It is thought that this person is obviously smart and has a big brain and their vibes and energy demonstrate that. People with BBE are usually confident in their academics.
Student 1: Brian, you seriously are so smart. I can feel your Big Brain Energy (BBE)!
Brian: Wow, that is so kind, thank you so much for that compliment. Are you saying we can refer to my energy as BBBE? Big Brain Brian Energy?
Student 1: Absolutely!!! The vibes are totally there. B cubed E. B three times plus E. Whatever you would like!
Brian: I love it. Your innovation and creativity also depict your very own BBE!

Student 1: Stop it! Thank you, my kind, smart, Brian!
by LingDanc803 May 11, 2021
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Accommodate + coddle

When you accommodate and coddle someone.
I have a tight schedule and I need a lot of help. I need you to accoddledate me, please.
by LingDanc803 August 31, 2018
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HAR is an acronym for “Horny and responsive”. People tend to be more responsive when they’re horny, so you can say they’re HAR.
Person A: Has your bf responded, yet?
Person B: Yes, he’s been very responsive. He’s quite HAR if I’m honest.
Person A: You’ve got him in a good place! Take advantage!
Person B: I will (;
by LingDanc803 October 13, 2018
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