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Not sleepy, not boring, not unawake.
I will give you an unsnoozy night out when I finish my MCAT!
by LingDanc803 May 15, 2023
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A non-religious, agnostic, atheist-friendly way of expressing "Thank God" or "Thank the Lord".
Thank the Universe, it's Friday!

Thank the Universe we don't have to work today.

Thank the Universe I finished my homework on time.
by LingDanc803 September 19, 2023
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The German (and other languages) spelling of "yuh" (j is pronounced as y). To express "yuh" (yeah, in Ariana Grande fashion) but in German, and sometimes with a German accent/pronunciation.
Wanna go out? Juh.

Willst du ausgehen? Juh!

Lass uns zusammen ins Restaurant gehen und Pizza bestellen, ja?


*Ariana Grande singing*: juh
by LingDanc803 July 13, 2023
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Another spelling of hot goss (hot gossip). Particularly popular on the east coast.
Omg bitch I have some hawt gawss.

You betta spill!!!

What's the hawt gawss?
by LingDanc803 August 21, 2023
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The adjective form of assault. When someone is in the mood to assault, you can express that someone is feeling assaulty.
Wow, she really fucking pissed me off. I am feeling assaulty af.

You keep hitting me today. What's with the assaulty vibes?

My coworker hit me "accidentally" but I think she was just feeling assaulty.
by LingDanc803 January 12, 2023
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An expression that is non-religious/agnostic/atheist-friendly in expressing "Thank the Universe it's Friday" instead of "Thank God it's Friday" or "TGIF".
Thank the Universe it's Friday, let's FSU!!!

Thank the Universe it's Friday, I need a break!!

I am going out tonight. Thank the Universe it's Friday!!
by LingDanc803 September 23, 2023
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A meaning that it’s time to get hyped up, lit, kitty, etc.
It’s lit o’clock… LFG!!!
by LingDanc803 February 12, 2023
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