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To apply KY Jelly to the genitals and anus prior to gay sex to avoid damaging the tender bits.
Damian told me I had to K-up before I could get in his goodies.
by DasAlbatross August 07, 2006
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Cantankerous old veteran Transformer that appeared in Transformers: The Movie. Transforms into a pickup truck.
Mark is always whining about kids on his lawn. He's such a Kup.
by ChillibowMark June 21, 2004
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Slang exclamation used in the 80's to signify a physical punch to an individual whom was not expecting it. Used expecially in south louisiana among blacks. The pronounciation is generally sharp and quick, but can be drawn out for more humor.
Awww baw, you done see dat? Dey snuck em in is mot. KUP!
by jayvatar October 08, 2007
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Slang- Contraction for Fuck, Fuck Up, or Shut the Fuck Up.

1. Contraction used to avoid misconduct, if in the time and place the latter words would be found inappropriate.

2. Often used as a compound duplicate word.
1. G-pa: Well, how 'bout youse helps me clean the barn?
G-son: Kup that!
G-pa: Okay, I'll go ask your brother then. . .

2. Student 1: Hey. . .*babbles about life*
Student 2: Dude! Kup-kup!
Student 1: Oh . . .okay, sorry!
by Ave Satanas676 December 22, 2008
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ASS in Tibetan. It means your fucking ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.
Tashi: hahahahaha I just kicked your kup!
Eric: hahahahahaha, what?
by Jamyang March 06, 2008
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