To apply KY Jelly to the genitals and anus prior to gay sex to avoid damaging the tender bits.
Damian told me I had to K-up before I could get in his goodies.
by DasAlbatross August 7, 2006
2 meanings, one is enemy killa in gang slang or another is representing kelly park crip set in compton same with another gangs like A's up for adcc or Ns up for nbcc
1.Yo K's up to them piru niggas, ima kill they whole set, 2. Ks up cuzz wat set you claim
by gfhh January 1, 2014
1.How people feel whenever they see Britney and K-Fed in a picture in a magazine or on television, or another of Kevin's sad attempts at generating an income.

2.How Britney Spears feels about her husband's antics.
1.I am k-fed-UP of those two! To Britney and Kevin: GO AWAY!!!!!

2.K-Fed was seen partying with yet another skank. Britney must be k-fed-up!
by Mona Lott February 28, 2006
Cut from sizzle short screenplay for the pilot of The BEGINIST, "K-ed up" was once mentioned as a line. The it was discarded over several tense conversations regarding it's purpose and credibility.

The quote below was also the verbatim line ripped from the screenplay's text, and almost made it into the final shooting script.
Ex: JEANINE says" ...I found him on the subway...he looked K-ed up or something..."
by The beginist July 21, 2018
what it sounds like they're saying in uptown funk
bad singer 1: up down f**k it up
BS 2: no it's (insert off key version of song here)
by yardardar April 5, 2021