Like for example hey jerid wyo ns hbu ns same
by janae mcdan March 23, 2022
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Older definition: short for "Nice Shot."
Another new def: Natural Selection (The newest MOD for the aging game Half-life)
"NS, man. I didn't even see you"
"You played NS yet?"
by TheFeniX March 20, 2003
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gemme a fegg


ns = no sweat = no bother
by belfast54 November 26, 2019
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An abbreviation that may mean:

> Nice Shot
> No Scope(d)
> No Shit
> Not Serviceable
> Non-Sequiter
> (rarely) Not Sane
(Nice Shot)

Player 1: Owned.
Player 2: ns
Player 1: Yes. Yes it was.
by 41d3n March 30, 2008
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A short, informal term used among National Socialists or White Nationalists to abreviate National Socialist.
i heard you listen to Skrewdriver, you NS?
by Chris Hansen July 27, 2005
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