Singing in the wrong note or pitch; flat or sharp.
Kenny,Kevin,Jim,Jamie,Matt,Matt,Robert,Jason,Jon,Bill,Tom,Uriah,Harun,Hayden,Harvey,Fargo and Theo are all horrible singers,the way they always sing off key.
by JMC70 September 17, 2017
wrong , sick , disgusting , good ,
that chick is offkey (in a horrible way)
or that car is offkey look at the 24"s on it.
by tingsy August 6, 2003
1. Wrong, raw, disgusting.

2. Random, sudden, unexpectedly jokes.
"you're so off key" - after sticking finger up arse and wiping on policeman's face.

"that was the most off key scene I've ever seen" - Commenting on various scenes in Kill Bill.
by Steve Lewis June 15, 2004
used to describe anything wierd, yet cool.
Mate, that 'fro is well off key
by zerostar88 October 25, 2007
when you are having a poo and you "snap the key off in the lock" it breakes off so you loose all your ground and suddenly gravity has no affect on your poo resulting in working harder
Gwen: how was your poo dear?
James: yes dear quite Satisfying up untill
i snaped the key off in the lock!
by Brett Nielsen May 15, 2005
Off Key

Off key describes someone who suddenly proclaims that they're going through her menopause.
Jo Bloggs: "Oh hi Sue. How was yr weekend?"
Sue: "I spent it on my menopause. Happy now?"
Jo Bloggs under his breath: " Sue is acting really off key this morning. I better keep out of her way."
by Usebleach May 28, 2022