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When two males have sex, either by rubbing their dicks together or penetrating through the anus. Admit it... You want it.
Tom was sitting on the couch, watching an old sit com to pass the time before his best friend, Nate, arrived. He was rubbing himself through his jeans, grinning.

Nate opened the door, freezing when he caught sight of Tom rubbing himself. "You gay piece of crap, get over here," Nate called, tearing off his coat and shirt.

They met in the middle, Frenching madly. Their tongues smashed together violently and Nate dragged Tom to the bedroom, taking off his shirt as well.

Tom unzipped his fly and pushed his pants down around his ankles. He forced Nate to his knees, shoving his hard cock in his face. Nate willingly took to sucking it harshly while undoing his own pants.

After twenty minutes, they got into the 69 position on Tom's bed, sucking each other's dicks hungrily. They moaned with each suck, deep throating soon.

Nate unexpectedly raised up, dick still in Tom's mouth, and began to penetrate his anus. Tom groaned with pleasure, lunging forward with each powerful thrust. Too weak to continue, the two men fell into a heap, Nate's dick wedged in Tom's butthole.

After regaining his strength, Tom stuck his tongue into Nate's anus and began eating him out, both of them retiring to the doggy after two hours of gay sex.
by Sexy Stripper Queen March 27, 2017
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When two people of the same gender use their reproductive organs to pleasure each other.

Male 1 sucks Male 2's penis. Then, Male 2 sucks Make 1's penis. Male 1 then licks Male 2's asshole. Male 1 then puts a condom on his penis and puts lubricant on his penis and Male 2's asshole. Male 1 inserts his penis into Male 2's asshole carefully. After awhile, Male 1 violently penetrates Male 2 rapidly. A long time after that, Male 1 quickly takes his penis out of Male 2 and produces semen all over Male 2. Then Male 2 produces his semen on Male 1.
Male 1: "Let's have gay sex!"
Male 2: "I've been waiting for to say that!"

Male 1: "Oh yeah! Suck my dick! Ohhhhhhhhhhh. Yes! Yes!"
Male 2: "Fuck me!"
Male 1: "Oh yeah! Yeah! Yeah! And Boom goes the dynamite!"
by Crop Dusting June 26, 2014
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Sexual intercourse between two members of the same sex.
Jack put his penis into Joe's anus. This is sex, gay sex to be specific.
by Exovedate September 30, 2007
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when two men love each other very much...they have SEX!!
Bobby and Jack loved each other, so they decided to go to Bobby's house and have gay sex.
by Automailist June 21, 2006
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How do gay guys have sex? Like everyone else, it all falls under personal preference. Sex is really such a personal and intimate act that no one answer would fit for everyone, but here are a few particulars to consider ...

BODIES. We sometimes forget that the entire body is an erogenous zone. Sensitive areas include the face, ears, neck, arms, chest, belly, back, butt, and thighs, back of knees, calves, feet and toes. The entire body can be used to excite a guy. Rubbing bodies together is very stimulating.

FINGERS. Fingers can be delightful to use on those guys who enjoy penetration (not all gay men do).

HANDS. Running hands up and down a lover's body will often elicit electric responses of passion. From light caresses down the back to deep rubbing across the butt, caressing is an important aspect to sex.

MOUTH. Kissing is a good place to begin and a very important part of sex. Kisses come in different styles depending on the person, the mood and the moment. Tiny, soft kisses tantalize and intrigue. Deep, open-mouth kisses with tongues entwined convey a depth of passion and longing. Kisses are appropriate for any part of the body, wherever one feels the urge to place them, lightly or with trailing tongues. Gently nibbling or sucking on a penis is enjoyed by most gay guys and most often results in orgasm.

PELVIC AREA. Rubbing genitalia together is a great way to have fun with your lover.

ANAL SEX. Anal sex can include anilingus (licking the anus) and/or penetration with the penis. Some gays love anal sex, others do not. Like everything else, it's all personal preference.

MUTUAL MASTURBATION. Some gays enjoy mutual masturbation. Lying while facing each other, simultaneously rubbing and touching each other's penises can be educational as well as enjoyable.

Sex is all about love and pleasure.

NOTE: Many of these things can be a part of straight sex. Many straight men enjoy anal stimulation via dildo or hand, usually given by his girlfriend.

When two gay guys love each other, they have gay sex!
As opposed to straight sex, there are no vaginas involved. Otherwise the two are very similar.
by Sidney87 September 03, 2008
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