"dude, that's a bunch of b.s."
by lu January 17, 2003
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Improvising answers for homework or essays when you are under pressure or just dont know how to do it. Works great an hour before an assignment is due.
Man I totally BS'd that essay in english today. I hope I get a good grade
by HIS L337N3SS October 3, 2003
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initials of britney spears (also describes her music)
man! MTV plays so much BS these days.
by anon March 30, 2005
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BS means bull shit but it also means butt sex.
Person 1: THIS IS BS!
Person 2: Butt sex? lmao
by Alyyyyyyyyyyyy January 3, 2009
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Body Slide. When a masseuse uses their body against yours to provide part of the massage, usually in an asian "body rub" and in the nude.
She oiled me up real nice, and them did a BS all over my back.
by pooncrawler April 23, 2006
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there are two definitions of this word the first is bullshit,duh but in skater lingo it means backside as in backside turning not backside as in ass
"Did you see tim do that bs 540 out of the bowl!"said Bob
"No way,that is total bs" replied Alex
by my vegetal is running away December 6, 2018
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