37 definitions by yardardar

the famous opening for the bottom gear memes.
*these are random names i came up with. also a reference to tom and jerry.*
jerry: tonight on bottom gear
tom: oh god he's reading another bottom gear thing.
by yardardar March 30, 2021
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when you miss while faking to accidentally spill a drink. usually ends up spilling another drink instead.
misspilling is not really a thing but should be lol
by yardardar April 9, 2021
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P1: I'm gonna pet candy.
P2: woah you gonna pet a sweet we must be trippin ballz.
by yardardar March 24, 2021
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a country that changed the world... before ending itself.

it is also the combined name of north and south america.
by yardardar April 9, 2021
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