An individual whose gender is unclear to everyone else.
I'm not sure if that person is a she or a him, therefore they must be a shim.
by Coli Oli March 22, 2010
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A mixture of the words him and she. Used to describe someone who has characteristics of both a male and female person.
"His wife is such a shim!"
by Corinne Simpson October 15, 2006
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Commonly used word for small penis originating in northern Texas.

A person with a small dick.
Person A: "My dick is 1.5 inches hard."
Person B: "You're such a shim."

Person A: "What's the difference between a mosquito and a shim?"
Person B: "You can feel a mosquito when it's in you."
by Chris.Plum.Sen.Nim August 13, 2009
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The androgynous male. She and him.

Sh+im = Shim
Yeah I saw the whole thing. Shim was at the mall peepin my boo thang, and I was like "Hell nah!"
by WeLiveFunLivesInMyCircle December 29, 2016
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Phrase used to describe a woman (she) that may either choose or appears to dress like a man (him)- 'She-Him' (Shim).
Can also be used to refer to a lack of female behaviour or characteristics and instead evidence to those similar of a man.
Jesus dude Im sure that new cleaner is a 'Shim'
by Chris French December 11, 2006
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When one cannot tell whether or not a person is a she or a he.
Look at that person. Is that a man or a woman? Im pretty sure its a shim.
by gnarsbars78 December 2, 2009
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