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A part of being burnt, a state of mental unclarity that pops up at random times during the day. The cloud fogs up your brain and makes it very hard to concentrate or pay attention. The cloud comes and goes as it pleases and passes in about half hour before it strikes again.
Shit, dude, I had the cloud all through bio today.
by Adam March 29, 2005
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I'm from OHIO and love The Darkness.
The Darkness kicks much ass.
by Adam December 5, 2004
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Mostly Northern (england) term esp manchester/lancashire area, to describe someone (usually male) that has no care of the consequences of his actions.
A mad ed would normally do something like stay up all night and carry on drinking when everyone stops.
"yeah he's a mad ed"
by Adam April 6, 2004
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Magical pirate man who lives in southfields in london. He has a magical bike that can fly at the speed of the average pirate ship and has a magical cutlass that can extend to any length.

Mad John wants myself and david to: "Find the Iceberg!!" (that sunk the titanic)

Mad John works as a pirate, but in his spare time, he is god.

He drinks special brew, and pisses himself when he talks to you. (seriously)
Mad John: "arr lads, find ye olde magical iceberg!"
Me and david: "alright then"
by Adam April 13, 2005
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a train propelled by magnets
The Maglev can go extremely fast.
by Adam September 18, 2003
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19 inch black penis on a white man, its called magnavox but all the ladies call it Toshiba or Sony
He started to pull out his magnavox.
by Adam March 13, 2005
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Made popular by Bailey Scourey. A Makeout Hug is technically...hugging for an extended period of time...usually between 2-10 minutes.
"Wow, that makeout hug was like, 20 minutes long."
by Adam May 7, 2005
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