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A part of being burnt, a state of mental unclarity that pops up at random times during the day. The cloud fogs up your brain and makes it very hard to concentrate or pay attention. The cloud comes and goes as it pleases and passes in about half hour before it strikes again.
Shit, dude, I had the cloud all through bio today.
by Adam March 28, 2005
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I'm from OHIO and love The Darkness.
The Darkness kicks much ass.
by Adam December 04, 2004
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A surreal Canadian sketch comedy show from 1989-1995 that was produced by Lorne Michaelsand stars Dave Foley, Bruce McCullogh, Kevin McDonald,Mark McKinney, and Scott Thompson
We watched Kids in the Hall on Comedy Central at hard to access times.
by Adam January 07, 2004
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This band is not newly hip Garage-Rock, they are definitely not nu-metal they are just a brash, young group with a mind numbing sound that are more than ready to get in your face. One thing is for sure, the boredom they lived through in their native Illinois gave them more than enough inspiration and material to sing about and heave on stage. mmm i love the kinison
the kinison are the best fucking band in the world
by Adam February 10, 2005
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Mostly you would say something is "the shit" if it's bangin or something, but if it happens to be particulary phat, you could elaborate, saying something is "the shit's tits" being the best or most valuable part of the shit, or the "best of the best."
igg 1: You ever had Smirnoff Ras with Cranberry and Grapefruit juice?
igg 2: Yeah dude, that stuff's the shit's tits!
by Adam November 05, 2007
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