To accuse someone of a clever jest or jesting.

A phrase the Eisley AIM Chat room (Laughing City) adopted.
Bender665: What is an Eisley??
queen of clout: Surly you jest!
by A bored Prodigycube March 12, 2004
Beil Jest, also known as Bery Vest in english, is a term accidentally coined by Younghoon from the band THE BOYZ. Younghoon had wanted to say “jeil best”, which is the korean term for “very best”, but he stumbled over his words and said “beil jest” instead. The term was formed by interchanging the first letters of both words. This cute mistake has incited laughter and affection from both his band members and fans alike. It has and is still being widely used among the band and fans. It was also not the only instance Younghoon had stumbled over his words, coining together new terms and phrases. Clearly, this cute mistake of his has brought much joy and laughter to the fandom! If you would like to say that something or someone is the best, say Beil Jest! However, this term is only used by THE BOYZ and their fans, The Bs.
Younghoon: The Bs, you guys are Beil Jest (Bery Vest)!
by hoshihoranghaehohoho December 27, 2022
Shit server all the staff is full of faggots I can’t even lay with my waifu in peace without niggas on my bbc
Holy shit fuck jest that shit is full of pests
by Okon November 14, 2021
An individual who you know next to nothing about but you frequently text them only to be supplied jokes, gaffs, memes, and other comedy related media.
I realized I hadn't ever had a real conversation with Jeremy, my jest dealer, but that I had only been turning to texting him to be shown an array of jokes that we could mutually appreciate
by yeahthisisanaccount September 15, 2020
A classier and funnier way of sayingI kid
Yo mamma so fat, when she fell I didn’t laugh, but the pavement cracked up 💀💀I jest I jest
by KingDong420 November 15, 2020