66 definitions by Melanie

A crazy dude with weird hair that likes to play drums really fast.
Look at Schro freaking out on those drums...his hair is going crazy.
by Melanie April 5, 2005
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the coolest and sweetest singer around...she can sing, play the guitar, piano, and drums..writes all her own music..what more could you want...she's a genuis!
she's raw, honest and bursts with enough soul to blow you away...
by Melanie March 8, 2004
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adj. to being confused and unaware of something.
v. to make someone confused.
I was totally confuzzled by the whole event.
by Melanie March 8, 2005
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A sleek black lab that has a very tender body that resembles Filet Mignon steak.
Look! The steak dog is asleep on the couch. Let's attempt to sneak past it.
by Melanie July 14, 2003
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Perhaps my favorite Warcraft III character. Illy is a semi-demon and the leader of the Naga. Seconds in command are Kael'Thas and Lady Vashj. I like to call them the Three Junkies.
C'mon, Illidan, it's just a flesh wound. It's not over yet. Get up and kill Arthas/Ner'Zhul or Kil'Jaeden is gonna want your ass.
by Melanie October 21, 2003
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The hot and big cock of a Pokamoke Indian.
I wish I could suck his cockasaurus day and night.
by Melanie July 14, 2003
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When a chicks stomach sticks out over her pants
by Melanie March 23, 2003
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