(verb) the act of literary men and women reading and discussing "Infinite Jest" by David Foster Wallace.
Man: How goes the jesting?
Woman: Jesting continues at good speed. Home stretch here.
by ocuppy_urban February 26, 2012
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"Did you see Mauricas outfit today?"
"Yeah SO jest!"
by maurica December 11, 2008
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Our lord and savior with a dick large enough to please all his followers. Created by intellectuals at Stephen F. Austin State University.
by LordandsaviorJests January 31, 2017
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A welcome activity that distracts you from the boredom of your everyday life. Involves texting amusing movie quotes, song lyrics, inside jokes or general randomness back and forth with a text-jester. Usually lasts until one out-jests the other.
Yesterday I did not do ANY work. I was too busy text-jesting with your dad from 12-4pm. It began with him sending one that said, 'I am a robot. I have a robot vagina.'
and my reply, 'My cock is lost in the jungle and it's up for you to find it.'
by Fdurdad January 12, 2010
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DFW's masterpiece otherwise known as the pinnacle of postmodern literary snobbery. At a whopping 1,000+ pages (some editions even reach 1,500 pages), 300+ footnotes, and a cast of characters comparable to Tolstoy's mammoth of a novel, War and Peace, Infinite Jest is everyman's trophy of intellectual-ish greatness.
Wow, you actually read Infinite Jest? Boy are you mad!
by infinitefantods July 4, 2014
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Zester Jest is an American super hero donning a black fedora, red jacket, and a pickaxe from the videogame "Minecraft". This hero is most known for drinking heavy amounts of energy drinks, and appearing in a YouTube parody video.
My favorite super hero is Zester Jest!
by AceNX May 24, 2021
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Any joke or play on Kanye's infamous hijacking of the mic.
Bob: Hey i bet kanye is gonna bust into the birth of your first child.

Tyler: Thats not funny. Kanye jests are so old right now.
by gusfacer September 20, 2009
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