a penis made raw from intensive and consistent masturbation.
person 1: "hey bro, where's Steven?"
person 2: "he can't make it, he's incapacitated with red jest."
by earbuds July 30, 2016
A term commonly used in the hit game CS:GO. When a match starts (typically non prime) a kid asks this question which translates roughly to 'Are there any russians?'
Non Retarded Player:Hello fellow gamers let's win this!
Player:"heavy russian accent"Ruski jest?
Non Retarded Player:No.
Player:"heavy russian accent" Fuck you stupid cyka"quit's the match".
by Vifon December 24, 2016
Infinite jest is a construction brick and doorstopper which contains a large amount of text. It was released by Little, Brown and Company in an attempt to enter the market spaces of both both brick construction and interior décor during the active real estate market of the 1990's.

Some people have attempted to read the contents of the brick/doorstopper, but like breaking a normal clay brick into pieces with a sledgehammer and attempting to count them for fun, most have given up after a short time, realizing that successfully doing so would be an rather strange and unproductive feat that ultimately impresses nobody.
"I've started reading infinite jest."
"What? You're actually READING Infinite Jest???"
by mdh1119 November 13, 2021
dude greta just stop i mean come on u dont have the right to make fun of other peeps when u should be made fun of ur self

dude i would sugggest u stop writing these
by ewwww April 17, 2005
"you must be joking!" or "you can't be serious!"
John Bull: "The Labour Party winning a majority in the next election?? My good man...surely you jest!"

John Doe: "I jest you not! And don't call me Shirley!"

by Polo December 30, 2008
The New York Jets. New Jersey Jest is a more appropriate name for the team because:
1) They play in the Meadowlands a.k.a. Giants Stadium, which is in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Yes, the Jest is so pitiful that they actually play in a stadium named for another NFL team.
2) The team is a joke - or in other words, a jest.

Also called the New York or New Jersey Puddle Jumpers (since "Jets" is a bit of an overstatement given the team's performance).
After Chad Pennington and Kellen Clemens led them to a series of embarrassing losses in 2007, the New Jersey Jest toyed with the idea of bringing back legendary quarterback Joe Namath...at the age of 64.

In Italian, the last name of head coach Eric Mangini is the masculine plural form of "mangina".
by Nicholas D December 14, 2007
An iconic meme used by instagram user glutenpee
“Have you heard of glutencord?”
Glutencord? Surely you jest”
by Pawgers December 10, 2020