To go psycho in a fit of rage. Often stemming from a lack of intelligence. Used to reference the small brain capacity and ignorant rage issues.
Guy 1- That guy totally went J.E. on her mailbox after she dumped him. Smashed it in with his forehead.

Guy 2- What an idiot!
by mandrake11 April 26, 2009
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The blackest most ghettoest person alive. Yo mad gangstar yo chill
Yeah kid je is macken in the crib son
by CHill Himie March 05, 2005
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What you say you're too lazy too make a comprehesible response to what someone said because they're so damn boring. Most commonly used when talking to women.
woman: ooh isn't that the sexiest pair of shoes?
by cerealtitties January 11, 2006
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Je...............................it's you?
by ch00k September 29, 2004
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An australian man. Sexuality highly ambiguous.Fake pilot.Wears cropped trousers.Extremely annoying and confusing person.
He's so JE! I hate him Heather!
by holly March 29, 2004
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