French for "I."
J'ai 16 ans.
by Joe Butler February 14, 2004
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the roman version of the italian word "gli".
"mo je meno" (italian = "adesso lo percuoto") (english = "I'm gonna kick his ass")
by tu zia quella pelata December 11, 2021
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What you say you're too lazy too make a comprehesible response to what someone said because they're so damn boring. Most commonly used when talking to women.
woman: ooh isn't that the sexiest pair of shoes?
by cerealtitties January 11, 2006
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When you text a Spanish person and you show a giggle. ("he he!")
person 1) My step sister likes to play Twister with her pants off.
person 2) That's funny! je je! - lol
by mama niki August 9, 2008
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An excited way of saying Yes, in a very spanish immigrant accent.
Jes, Jes, Rice and Beans.
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- n. a nickname for a girl that is very cute, possibly one you want to bang.

- v. another word for blitz or dump, when a skateboarder falls off his or her board in a rather painful fashion.
- "Hey girl did i ever tell you how much of a jes you are?"

- "Dude! did you see me back there? i totally jesed!"
by coolxkid August 5, 2007
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An entity that stands above all spirits and living beings who defies hardwork and miracles.

The one and only, the holiness, the glorious, daughter of all existence and myths. Almighty, THE ABSOLUTE. The truth.
A: How I wish I can be like jes.
B: *surprised*
5minutes later
A has been jailed for disrespecting the absolute.
by PorridgeJ November 23, 2019
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