What you say you're too lazy too make a comprehesible response to what someone said because they're so damn boring. Most commonly used when talking to women.
woman: ooh isn't that the sexiest pair of shoes?
by cerealtitties January 11, 2006
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When you text a Spanish person and you show a giggle. ("he he!")
person 1) My step sister likes to play Twister with her pants off.
person 2) That's funny! je je! - lol
by mama niki August 09, 2008
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- n. a nickname for a girl that is very cute, possibly one you want to bang.

- v. another word for blitz or dump, when a skateboarder falls off his or her board in a rather painful fashion.
- "Hey girl did i ever tell you how much of a jes you are?"

- "Dude! did you see me back there? i totally jesed!"
by coolxkid August 05, 2007
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the cutest guy you’ve ever seen in your life. so funny and has such a good sense of humor. will always tell you puns. has the greatest smile in the whole world- warning: his smile will brighten your day always. the sweetest and most thoughtful person, will try his best to always cheer you up. no one quite like him. so talented and will always succeed in what he does. he can do anything he puts his mind to. he is amazing. there is no one better
wow Jes looks so cute today! oh probably because he looks cute every single day!

Jes is the sweetest person ever
by cloudsandsunflowers September 16, 2019
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