Exclamation often heard in Colombia, Venezuela, and some other parts of Latin America; especially in music (Cumbia and Vallenato). Means something like "woohoo!".. an exclamation of delight.
by M.L. in S.F. November 28, 2005
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Little twelve year olds ussually spam it around in all chats they can. Dutch word for 'yo mama'

Word will always be used to retalliate on you see the e.g.
ME : Damn, your soooo lame...
IT : Je moeder...
by Tidus April 30, 2003
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Definition of a french love, only french can say that correctly, keep away !
Je t'aime Shannon
by Awaystyle August 07, 2008
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To be attracted to a younger member of the opposite sex
Also called a "seeje"
Nill: Till, that girl was like 10 dude!
Till: from far away she looked so hott!
Bram: What a See je'!
by cody reed September 22, 2006
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I (negative sentiment) something. Derived from French sentence structure, this segment is used to describe disapproval, dislike, or not knowing something.
person 1: Did you watch Jersey Shore yesterday?
person 2: Ew, je ne Jersey Shore. You think I watch that shit?

person 1: What time is it?
person 2: *shrugs* je ne.
by Thenubsson January 05, 2012
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A very strong klance Stan. Whose going to cry when voltron ends and also if klance doesn't become cannon
Woah I'm totally a Jes I'm crying cause VLD is over
by Nerf.basion November 22, 2018
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The correct way to spell the name of Jesus, considering how the Church suckers people into giving them money.
by weirdgirl September 06, 2003
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