a better, funnier way of saying yes, preferably with a slight lisp
Teacher: Did you finish your work John?
John: Jes i did Mrs. Teacher!
by Mojomaniac October 11, 2009
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Je...............................it's you?
by ch00k September 29, 2004
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An australian man. Sexuality highly ambiguous.Fake pilot.Wears cropped trousers.Extremely annoying and confusing person.
He's so JE! I hate him Heather!
by holly March 29, 2004
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1. A very fat person.
2. A unit of measurment
man, that bitch was like two jes's. What a fat cow.
by anonymous_111 February 14, 2007
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A cartoon character, having dark pigtails, big black boots, and usually smoking. Drawn in sharpie marker. Found mostly in Philadelphia and New Jersey. Word bubbles include (but are not limited to) "Miss jes. hates you; Miss jes. loves you."

Also, one who takes the sadistic role in sadomasochistic sexual activities.

Drunk, stoner, rad hair and makeup.
Stranger: "yo, that chick is so rad. I wanna take a picture with her, an touch her hair."

Responder: "Miss jes. hates you."
by Slavegirl October 22, 2012
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E - famous, punk - rock scenequeen with a million teenage fans consisting of either; a.) girls who wanna be her, or b.) guys who wanna be with her.

Recent Myspace WeHeart promo. model.

Originally from the UK; now living in LA.

Models for pretty much every clothing company & has been in pretty much every magazine.
"Jes Anarchi has sick style"
by tiny_daryd April 18, 2009
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