The sport version of the Jetta, in the Volkswagen line-up. Typically equipped with a tuned suspension and race inspired appointments through-out the vehicle. A sedan version of the Volkswagen GTI.
I drive a GLI. I own a GLI Jetta. Have you driven a MKII or MKV GLI yet?
by Chris MacDonald August 17, 2006
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A slang word originating in early 2017. It is another way of saying that something or someone is cool.
My friend just won an award. That's so glis!
by The Golden Snitch February 17, 2017
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Italian pronunciation of “u already know”, used expecially by the king Qulo Brando.
In Italian it means “the fornitures no”.
“Do you want to go make some puzza in the city center?”
Yes man, gli arredi no
by Puzzapalle July 6, 2021
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The Italian 'moda' connoisseurs that set the global standard each year at Milan with their glamorous, glitzy haute couture.
'Fashionistas' is just another word for Italian gli stilisti.
'Also written as one word'= glistilisti.
by hammer---;, hytham April 11, 2007
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A great car with a 16V engine and wonderful handling. The Helios blue paint looks great in the sun. And check out those real BBS wheels! Straight from Wolfsburg Germany only 1500 made. If only it were a six speed...
"Oh dang check out that 1989 Jetta GLI" "Those Germans know how to make 'em!"
by Photographyguy December 3, 2009
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