A common typo found when trying to use the conjuction and. you type so fast you dont look at the keyboard you lazy ass.
I like cheeses ans corn syrup . . . fuck . . .
by elevator jack June 25, 2005
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Anely is a very beautiful and intelligent person. She can be annoying at times but she is still a fun person to hang around with! She is definitely a person you don’t want to lose. She is always there for anyone when needed. Stick to your Anely’s because I’m telling you, they’re the best.
Anely is so beautiful and smart, I have got to be her friend!
by Almighty6 July 12, 2017
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The name of one of the sexiest women on the planet. This woman oozes sex appeal. Men and woman fantasise about her. She walks with selfconfidence. She is extremely intelligent but very humble. She is a generous lover and extremely good in bed. She loves with her whole heart and is almost always in a commited relationship. She also needs a lot of love in return. She is extremely loyal to friends and family and expects the same from them.
That sexy woman's name is Ane.

I want to be as awesome as Ane.
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Aneli is a very talented girl. She is very gorgeous. She is a person you can put your trust on. She will always be there for you. She has very good grades. Most likely perfect. Aneli likes to help,sing, && dance. She is very good at sports. She is so fun.Also crazy but fun crazy.
Omg I just saw Aneli!
by Sandia January 30, 2014
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The most rad girl you will ever meet!! She is intelligent, funny and gorgeous! If you ever come across her, keep her. She is a rare gem.
"Have you met Ane?"
"Yeah! That Girl is so bad ass!"
by jordanzo February 3, 2010
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Ane is a strong,confident and beutiful woman.She's a dog person.When it's something about fights,Ane is always in it.She's sometimes hysterical and agressive.She likes to fight and she likes things that men like.
Damn,look at Ane!She's so mf hot.
by mammalover670 March 9, 2017
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An Anes is one of the best looking people you will meet in your life.

He is also the most precious and good-hearted creature alive.

He does anything to make his girlfriend happy which is not even necessary, cause she can consider herself one of the happiest girls ever, being together with him.

Anes is also a veeeeery lazy person who only lays on the couch, eat snacks and plays fortnite (will also forget texting his girlfriend back because of it).

He loves pizza, burek, grah (without meat) and kebab.

He hates when people touch their noses.

Anes has veeeeery soft hair and is also a good kisser.

Anes is an intelligent guy, but i think he doesnt even know how smart he actually is.
He has the best friends (which he calls his squad) who he is very loyal to, and otherwise.

So if you know or ever meet an Anes, you can call yourself happy.
Not to forget, Anes is one of the funniest and outgoing people I know. You will always have something to laugh when you are out with an Anes.
by schokolini January 7, 2019
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