-Lo, Bob.
by low January 13, 2003
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by John Adams August 20, 2002
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User I: hey
User II: lo
User I: what's funny?
User II: ??? nothing
User I: u said lol
User II: no, I said "lo", like "hello"
by dinomario10 July 11, 2008
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An archaic word that is only ever used in conjunction with "and behold". In conjunction with the aforementioned words it means "look" or "what happened was".
I rammed my cock in her ass and, lo and behold, she started giving my grief.
by Saucy August 18, 2003
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More than laughter. Is usually more intense if it is in all capital letters.
friend: i hate school it gave me homework for the holidays
me: lo
by asterisaliteralidiot December 17, 2020
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