A really hot ass pepper, eaten by hot ass people!
Wow, look at the jalepeno!
by crazy cheryl October 7, 2008
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Similar to an alcoholic hangover, except that when you wake up the next day, your ass is on fire. Other symptoms include full body sweats, trembling, heart palpitations, irritability, ring of fire, mud butt, and air biscuit. Primary cause is consumption of foods containing hot peppers, especially jalepenos.
me: I won't be into work today - I think I have a jalepeno hangover.

boss: I think we need to talk about your jalepeno problem.

me: I can stop anytime I want.
by Kronite March 23, 2008
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A huge case of diahherea after eating spicy foods.
Michael went to taco bell and got jalepeno poopers.

These jalepeno poopers make my ass feel live lava.
by Thugz-Bunny March 19, 2009
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The burning sensation in your lower intestines, butthole and crack upon defecation that feels like an actual jalepeno exiting the body. This typically follows a spicy meal that probably contained jalepenos.

Also See Explosive Diarrhea
After eating at Taco Bell, Doug suffered for 3 days from jalepeno ass.
by Capt Craptacular September 28, 2006
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A sexual act which begins with the doggy style position. The male is to insert a wad of smokeless tobacco i.e. Skoal, Big Red, etc. With the curvature that the female forms during this sexual act the male then begins to spit on her back. Once a small pool has formed, he then dips his thumb into said pool of tobacco spit, and shoves it up her ass.
by Karate In The Garage April 23, 2011
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After the act of anal sex, one discovers shortly after that it burns very badly to pee. Commonly confused with gonorrhea. But the real problem is a jalepeno seed stuck in your urethra.
You: "I fucked a mexican in the ass raw-dog last night. I though I picked up the clap, but I realized it was just a jalepeno seed."

Your buddy: "That's what we call Jalepeno Buttsex bro."
by Hamtown December 2, 2010
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Smothering your penis in hot sauce before forcibly shoving it into a womans anus.
I gave her such a powerful jalepeno ram rod last night that her tears burned.
by Brad Tumult May 21, 2007
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