1. Dip- Hands down one of God's greatest gifts to man. Shredded tobacco that comes in snuff(sand-like), fine cut(short strands), and long cut(longer cuts of tobacco). It is sold in a can and is put between your lip and gums. New users will experience a "buzz" from the nicotine, but experienced dippers(myself included) build a tolerance to the nicotine and it just makes you feel like a million bucks. Popular brands are: Copenhagen(the manliest but expensive), Skoal(expensive and for pussies), and Grizzly(cheap but satisfying). Dip also comes in a variety of flavors such as natural, straight, wintergreen, mint, whiskey flavors, and fruity flavors(mainly Skoal which is for new dippers).

2. Chew- Leaf tobacco that you chew on unlike dip. It does not give you a buzz but the taste is much milder than dip. It comes in a pouch and is place in your cheek. Popular brands are Red Man(the classic chew), Taylor's Pride(expensive but worth it), and Levi Garret(also another classic chew). Chew is not flavored like dip is. The taste is very sweet and has a hint of raisin taste to it in my opinion.
1. Joe- Man I'm fresh outta my Grizzly Natural Long Cut. Can you spot me a pinch of your Copenhagen Straight?
Trent- Sure man anything for my boy.

2. Hilton- This Red Man smokeless tobacco is makin' me spit like a water hose I reckon.
Joey- Shut up Hilton, you're a vagina. (Not because chew is for vaginas)
by no-longer-a-yankee January 10, 2011
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