Tim: It hurts when i piss
John: You got the fuckin clap from Dan's Mom.
by FATHERHOOD August 6, 2005
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the sound of your palm hitting your forehead when you realize that sweet innocent little teen was a petri-dish for gonorrhea
by Alina September 3, 2004
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Nick name for disease Ghonoreah , comes from the noise when back in civil war where they would breakup the puss build up by banging the butt of their rifles on the penis laying on a table.
Bang! Bang! Bang!

Another case of that nasty stuff.

ya, you shoulda kept away from that dirty whore.
by Wix March 3, 2004
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gonorrhoea, a common venereal disease caused by the bacterium Neisseria gonorrhoeae; symptoms are painful urination and pain around the urethra
Ugh, dude you have the clap!
by Matt January 5, 2004
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The nickname for the std gonorrhea. Named for clapping your hands around your dick to pop and drain the bubbles of puss growing inside. Makes it really painful to pee.
Tim: "Ah, it burns when I pee, it's like razor blades!"
John: "Dude, you definitely got the clap from the skank at that party"
by ronious February 13, 2009
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Sugar I'd come over but your coffee tastes like the clap.

It's me Warren G., the nigga with the clap.
by crime September 6, 2004
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Definition 1:
It is a a misnomer or bastardization of "the collapse". Which comes from World Wars when gonorrhea was so prevalent among GI's. It was in the hospital wards where the soldiers were that the medics and other patients would refer to it as "the collapse". Which through man's insufferable need to makes things smaller and easier because they are lazy, putrid, and even at the risk of endangering themselves, ignorant, shortened the word to "the clap".
Definition 2:
The term comes from the Paris neighborhood Clapier because of it's large number of prostitutes, or whores/hoes during the 14th century. And the word "clapier" might also have been another way of saying brothel or whore house, slut barn,pussy shack, or your mom's box, because of the prevalence of gonorrhea.
#1: A wounded soldier to a nurse changing a bedpan:

" What's wrong with that guy over there?"
" Oh, him? Oh, he's got the clap from one of those gook* hookers." * No offense to any Asian's who read this. I am not racist I just put it into context.
#2: I am too stoned to come up with an example of the second definition. Be lucky you got this much.
by McPenis Private Eye January 30, 2010
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